Good Evening, Nexus has yet to become fully conceptualized, once this is complete this page will be dedicated to connecting prospective and current Nexus members with our associated clans.

For now, there is Warhawk, World of Warcraft,  MAG. and Modern Warfare 2.

  1. Warhawk – Clan Nexus – NX13 – Bahumut
    [Competitive][No GB][Medium Skill][Adv. Teamwork][Situational] Accepting: 100%
  2. World of Warcraft – Knights of the Marianas (Silver Hand) – KMT – Chelu
    [N-C Social][No GB][Low Skill][Moderate Teamwork][Situational] Accepting: 100%
  3. World of Warcraft – Hammers in Ironforge (Ner’Zhul) – HII – Fhoot
    [N-C Advisory][No GB][Low Skill][Moderate Teamwork][Situational] Accepting: 100%
  4. MAG – Clan Nexus – NX13 – Bahumut
    [Competitive][No GB][Medium Skill][Adv. Teamwork][Situational] Accepting: 100%
  5. Modern Warfare 2 – Clan Nexus – X13 – Bahumut
    [Competitive][No GB][Medium Skill][Adv. Teamwork][Situational] Accepting: 100%


  1. Game – Clan Title – Clan Tag – Leader(s)
    Style/Game Battles/Skill Level/Teamwork Level/Playing Atmosphere/Accepting Rate

[Competitive] – Highly competitive clans that show a complete dedication to victory.
Requirements: Includes strict performance, availability, and dedication requirements.
[Competitive Casual] – Unlike the competitive clans a casual clan knows when to relax, and when to be serious.
Requirements: A general mix of teamwork, raw skill, and humor is necessary to be part of this clan.
[Non-Competitive Advisory] – These are clans dedicated to introducing gamers to the mechanics, style, and interface of a game.
Requirements: Charismatic, ability to comprehend and instruct on a variety of topics, moderate to high skills are also necessary.
[Non-Competitive Social] – For those gamers that just want to play and focus on building connections with other gamers.
Requirements: A sense of humor, integrity, charisma, and a dedication to being optimistic.

Game Battles:
[Required] – All members must obtain a Game Battles account and participate in all competitions as needed.
[Optional] – Members have the choice as to whether or not they wish to be apart of competitions.
[No] – There will be no game battles for this clan.

Skill Level:
[Professional] – Complete knowledge of all game mechanics, techniques, and styles.
[Advanced] – Complete knowledge of game mechanics and techniques with a general knowledge of styles.
[Medium] – A general knowledge of game mechanics and techniques.
[Low] – Basic knowledge of game mechanics.
[N/A] – For clans of  social and Advisory no previous game knowledge is required.

Teamwork Level:
[Professional] – Unparalleled unit knowledge with flexibility in unit size, tactics, and specialties.
[Advanced] – A general knowledge of unit tactics with flexibility in unit specialties and size.
[Moderate] – Ability to follow instructions without hesitation, as well as aid unit members unrequested.
[Low] – Ability to follow instructions.
[N/A] – No teamwork involved.

Playing Atmosphere:
[Serious] – Required focus and dedication to the tasks at hand, deviation from tasks will result in penalties.
[Situational] – Understanding of when and where to be serious or humorous, upholds the current atmosphere regardless of personal mood.
[Casual] – A laid-back mentality, will not tolerate arrogance, anger, or aggression/violence.
[Humor] – Having fun at everything they do, including in game and over the mic.

Accepting Rate:
0-20% – Adherence to guidelines, abilities, and attitudes is required, strict admission tests might be used.
– Adhering to the guidelines is still required but admissions is for the most part relaxed.
60-100% – Will accept pretty much anyone as long as they fit the mentality and integrity aspects of the clan.