It takes quite a bit to crush a 200+ clan of any game; however members watched Clan Nexus disappear in almost a blink of an eye. There were three main reasons why the first Clan nexus failed.

The first reason was the difficulty of new members working with old members. When a clan gets seperated between the elite top level players and those just starting; it just isn’t good all around. Cliques started to be created as members decided it was more enjoyable and easier to just group with their similiarly situated friends. Top-Level with Top-Level and Newbie with Newbie; not much of a mix between the two. This flared all sorts of issues and killed the cohension of the guild.

The second reason has everything to do with the leadership. Clan’s need strong-willed leaders who are willing and able to get the job done. If a clan needs more members, the leaders need to be out in force recruiting; if the clan needs discipline, the leaders crack the whips. Most of the gamers out there are happy being sheep, sheep wander aimlessly, its boring and molifying. Leaders make the sheep move, and in turn make them enthusiastic, engaging, and cohesive.

The third and most important reason was the downfall of Resistance. All games come to an end, and generally their clans with them. The ps3 had a six month gap without a comparable FPS. The clan died and its members flourished in every direction imaginable except for the same direction. It is now over 3 years, and of the original Clan Nexus only four members remain.

So the question is, what could we do to keep the cohension of a group, maintain those dedicated leaders, and keep our clans for years instead of months.

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