First is the definition of the Nexus Umbrella (NU). It is the collection of clans/guilds/teams that support the Nexus Code and desire to work with the other clans of the Nexus Umbrella.

There are three main goals to be accomplished; 1) Network across all current and future gaming platforms and create a web of clans to choose from. 2) Establish strong ties between these clans to facilate movement and growth. 3) Grow the NU’s member base to the point where new games will have a strong Nexus support. By establishing these three goals NU can become a strong force in the gaming world and thereby an engageing and truly helpful aspect of Nexus Umbrella members.

The Nexus Code

Interconnection     —     Honorable Gaming     —     Entertaining

|                                     |                                    |

Cross-Platform/Title/Server Connections   –    Dedicated/Proud/Honorable Gamers   –   Fun/Interactive/Helpful Clans