November 17, 2006 is the release date for the Ps3 along with its star title Resistance: Fall of Man. A man by the name of Hawkeye created the first Clan Nexus. A fledgling of the gaming world, this clan gave few impressions of power or prestige. However the ps3’s began to move quickly off the shelves and Resistance’s ranks began to swell with eager players. Clan Nexus grew, and there was a beginning of something unique.

As the months continued Clan Nexus grew and became a force to be reckoned with. Not only did our gamebattle (ranked) teams destroy their opponents but our social teams did the same in the random matches. Soon players could rarely go into a match without seeing a group of five or so Nexus members.

As Clan Nexus reached its peak, all members could come into the game and know they had a team to watch their back and help them excel at being good gamers and having fun in Resistance. It is at this point Bahumut began to form the concept of what a real clan was there for. It is seeing an entire group of over 200 members, spaced across Nexus and 2 sister clans, work together as actual friends instead of merely the people they killed shit with.

They say all good things must come to an end; Clan Nexus would not defeat this outcome. There was of course an end.

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