My name is Bahumut, I am the leader of the new Clan Nexus. Its rebirth starts today, with this website. The goal is to create a clan unlike any other, I have dubbed it an umbrella clan. It will include the Nexus folding team, a multitude of nexus gaming clans that emphasize teamwork, compatibility, and friendship, and a host of other venues to support the Nexus Umbrella including this website. The goal of the Nexus clans is to provide gamers with a steady tight-knit clan that will be there for them whether or not they choose to stay on the same game, play with the same style or involvement, or even decide to focus on a different console. Nexus will support them in their adventures. Nexus will be supported by each of its members, member who are not supportive will be discarded without pity or regret. This mentality is required to ensure that each connection of the Nexus is strong, vibrant, and loyal. With these ideas maintained, which I might add is not terribly difficult, Nexus will remain a clan that is loyal to all of its members and the gaming community at large.

It is my personal goal to create a group of clans that embody what clans are suppose to be. Not just the ultimate hard-core gamer clan, nor the super relaxed lawless clan. The clan that performs well under all conditions, a clan that fits its members needs, and nothing less. In order for this to occur I will need the support, the trust, and the friendship of many. I will not be able to accomplish anything alone, so I hope you will join me in this adventure, this beginning of a tale. I hope you will enjoy Clan Nexus, not only for what it stands for, but what it truly is; I hope you enjoy the reality of Nexus.